Guest Author Release

Jessica MacLean just released her second book in thirty days today.  I was fortunate enough to read this one before it was released and she did a great job with it.  Two books in thirty days is an accomplishment that I would love to be able to claim.

The book is called “The Sanctuary” and if it is your style of book, I hope you enjoy it as I have.

The Sanctuary, Jessica MacLean

When Samantha Sutherland receives a hereditary Book of Shadows, she discovers her magic, unlocks her memories and creates a sanctuary for magical creatures in need. Her sanctuary soon fills with injured and neurotic magical creatures, including Timmy Two-Tales the garden gnome. Samantha will need the help of trusted friends to give her growing menagerie the care it needs.
She also begins to learn the truth of her family. Caught between warring factions of magic, Samantha is forced to chose between the Council of Light and the Court of Shadows and time is running out for her and the Sanctuary. Before she can discover her true strength, she must help others to discover theirs, but can she learn fast enough to keep everybody safe?