Getting To Know Your Author

Get To Know Your Author

I’m a fairly open person and I think putting myself out there is a good way to let people see the person behind the author.  In that spirit, I present ten things you might not know about Dan Desilets, Author.

  1. I have 11 siblings.
  2. I jumped out of airplanes for a living in the army.
  3. I am afraid of heights.
  4. I once ran a successful Renaissance Faire.
  5. I live in my dream house.
  6. I scuba dived with Barracuda
  7. I once ran a successful LARP.
  8. One of my dreams is to be a public speaker.
  9. I was hit by an airplane in midair and had a parachute malfunction.
  10. I once was involved in a Karate Kid situation.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle, but the other half is picking up a weapon and murdering people, so, there’s that.


Beta Reading Fun

I’ve had a few beta readers look at parts of God Shuffle and they’ve had some good feedback for me along with an overall positive vibe for the story, dialogue, and the characters.  Today I gave it to my wife to look at and hilarity ensued.

“Did you purposefully make your city name sound like Trash?”

“No, that never occurred to me, I was just trying to keep it from being Tar and Ash.”

“Does your main character have something against kids?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“He keeps beating up kids, is it because he’s not really tough so he has to pick on juveniles?”

“He doesn’t beat up any kids. What made you think he did.”

“The first person he arrests is one of the Fireside Boys.”

“So you thought they were all kids?”

“Well, you didn’t say they weren’t.  Hey, why is it called Fireside anyway, you don’t seem to get into that.”

“The structures are super temporary and it gets burnt to the ground every year or so.”

Hilarious laughter

“Trash Fires, oh God….”

“You focus on smells a lot you know.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice.”

More laughter

“She couldn’t wash the smell of Trash off of her.”

“That’s not the name of the city.”

“It is for me, this book is so funny.”

I’m pretty sure Murphy has a law about your wife finding all of the most interesting mistakes you make.

I guess whatever it takes to keep her motivated to read the book, right?

Editing Purgatory

I finished this book in December and here it is May and I am still editing it.  I am looking with no small amount of jealousy at my wife who wrote her book in a month and it was mostly ready to go when she finished it.  We wrote very different books, in very different styles, but in the end, she made far fewer mistakes than I did.

I made some whoppers.  I just let the words pour out of me and yes, I found some gems, but there was a whole lot of detritus to sort through.  On edit pass one, I realized that the story was broken pretty severely and needed a bunch more scenes to fix, a complete rewrite of the ending and some pretty consistent modifications along the way.  On pass four I had to trim about a fifth of the story to make it more focused.  I’ve recently gotten some pretty consistent beta read feedback about some style issues that I’m fixing now.

This story started at 125K words and I’ve read it so many times that I’m considering editing backward just for a change of scenery.  My wife believes that this is a case of loving my book too much and not wanting to let it go.  I agree that I do care how it turns out, regardless of whether it sells or not, but I’ve killed a lot of darlings.  (or more correctly, I’ve put them aside for one of the other books in this world.)

I am eager to hit the publish button and I’m working exclusively to that end.  It’s driving me crazy not to be writing the next book in this series and the series I’m co-writing with Jess.  I’m trying to get this done by June 15 and if I can stand to read my own words one more time, I think I can meet that deadline and earn the right to move on to another project.

I hope the story is worthy of the time I’ve put into it.


Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn


My wife introduced me to this one shortly after we met.  I think it might have been a litmus test and thankfully I passed.  This has become one of my favorite books and series.  So much so that when my wife and I bought our dream home, we named the property Sunrunner’s Rest.

One of my favorite things about the story was the complex relationship between Rohan and Sioned (Great name).  I enjoyed how they balanced their personal responsibilities with their relationship.  I loved that Sioned was a queen who was determined to have it all, even though the costs were sometimes very high.

Melanie really makes her secondary characters come alive.  I often related more to Chay and Tobin, but I felt like all of the characters could have had their own books where Rohan and Sioned were just supporting characters and it would have been just as rewarding.

Dragon Prince is the kind of book that makes me want to learn my craft better and gives me targets to shoot for.  I want to write scenes that evoke the emotional responses that her’s do.  I want to portray a family that feels as genuine as Chay and Tobin.  I want to write a relationship that is as real as any in this book.  Melanie makes me want to keep writing so that someday I can give back something as powerful as I have received.


This encapsulates what I want to be in this world.

Big eyes, VERY big, because they are full of wonder.That is my center. It is what I was born with. Eyes that have always seen the wonder in EVERYTHING.  Eyes that see lights in the trees and magic in the air. This wonder is what I put into the world, and what I protect in children. It is what makes me a Guardian. It is my center.

What is yours?

From Rise of the Guardians.

God Shuffle Book Cover

The book cover for God Shuffle came through recently and I wanted to share it with you. Thanks to my amazing wife Jessica for helping me sort through dozens of ideas to hone in on something that is simple and encapsulates this whole series.  The cover was completed by Fayefayedesigns on fiverr.  Fayefayedesigns and I think she did a great job with it.  I hope you agree.